About Us

We created the Indigo Consultancy to help leaders, academics and educators fulfil their potential. This increasingly connected, globalized world is changing rapidly. It is hard to adapt. But there are tremendous opportunities for those who can adapt! Drawing on our 30 years of combined personal and professional experience, we want to equip people like you to seize those opportunities.

Our People

Richard Stanford

Dr. Richard Stanford is a lecturer, research fellow and a founding director of the Indigo Consultancy. His passion is to see transformation of fishing communities towards sustainable livelihoods. Originally from the UK, Richard studied at Southampton University (UK), the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Institut Pertanian Bogor (Indonesia). He is an experienced practitioner and has worked with a variety of NGOs and Government bodies on marine conservation/livelihood programs in the UK, Canada and Indonesia. His research is published in the highest-ranking fisheries journals and he has written a book on poverty in fishing communities in Indonesia. For the past 12 years he has enjoyed living with his family in beautiful West Sumatra. He enjoys snorkelling, mountain biking and hiking.

Douglas David Evans

As a founding director of Indigo Consultancy, Douglas Evans has a passion to leverage his experience in organizational leadership, education consulting and research to help Indonesian academics and leaders . Douglas completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan in his native country of Canada, and his MA of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Lancaster University in the UK. Highlights of his work experience in Indonesia include:
* 10 years of leading cross-cultural teams and developing human resources.
* 12 years of education consulting at the secondary and tertiary levels, performing needs analyses, developing needs-based curricula to enhance educators’ pedagogical and academic English skills, and facilitating and evaluating language development
* Conducting research into the language and policy-related issues in the international track university classroom in South East Asia.

Douglas currently lives with his family in Riau, and enjoys exploring the cultural and culinary diversity of the region.